Our job is to give concrete expression to your projects !

Construction, rehabilitation, restructuration, extensions, outdoor improvement…SCOPING accompanies all your building and infrastructure projects.

Whether you are an architect, local community representatives or a property developer, our experts pay attention to your needs and help you build what you have in mind.

1 company, 4 types of expertise

SCOPING is a Civil Engineering company specialized in Project Management. We step in for

4 types of missions:

Assessment and Feasibility

Client Assistance 


Work monitoring and coordination

Created to supply public sector demand, SCOPING has expertise in many areas – nursery schools, educational facilities, high schools, housing, social housing, commercial, business or industrial facilities, sports and cultural facilities, retirement homes, prisons…

Therefore, SCOPING has the skills to manage extensive projects and can meet very specific demands – an asset, especially for the private sector. Indeed, we have 30 years of experience and we have overseen 350 operations, renovated 12000 housing developments, worked on 100 educational , 65 sports and 50 health care facilities.

Committed specialists to preserve your interests

Working with SCOPING will allow you to benefit from the expertise of an extremely motivated and efficient team of specialists. Constantly by your side, SCOPING will oversee your project from beginning to end. Based on mutual trust, this thorough assistance during your project is one of our priorities. It allows a response beyond compare during implementation of your project.

As we keep in touch all along, we are able to give you genuine advice, and thus preserve your interests.

Overall management, specific competence

Our professional experience has not only enabled us to acquire solid skills, but also create a network of qualified partners – in acoustics or sustainable environment for instance. Like that we put our skills at your disposal while leaning on trustworthy partners. This reliable network has been tested for years now, it will allow you to benefit from complementary and state of the art technical competence.

Quality service

SCOPING has been awarded ISO 9001 certification for over 12 years and is OPQBI qualified, these are two well-known guarantees of professionalism.