Today and Tomorrow

A drastically changing sector

Due to a more global offer, project management has seen major changes during these last few years. That’s why we notice today that many firms tend to bring together people with different expertise…

At SCOPING we have pioneered this efficient way of working for over 30 years; it is deeply seated within our company culture.

A clear vision of the future

Scoping’s medium term objective is to make sure we continue to develop as we have for the past 5 years – a growth due to the original expertise of our staff.


Collaborative IT platforms accessible within and without the company

At the moment, SCOPING is putting together information tools aiming to simplify project managing for teams.

The opening of this computing platform to clients is scheduled for 2016 in addition to documents, it will provide access to all the centralized information on the project.

We have chosen to develop our own tools in order to offer greater flexibility and better ergonomics to the users.

This development already includes what will be tomorrow’s evolution in the building sector – Building Information Modeling (BIM).