Values focused on man and his environment

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Through the buildings we make, our teams work each day towards the sustainable development of society and environment

Concerned about the environment, we are constantly improving our methods of building design, in particular thanks to regular training courses.

Familiar with innovative eco technologies, we are able to offer the latest low carbon solutions.

We share a common vision

A Scop (a cooperative enterprise) is a truly different way of doing business.

Its particular statute makes employees the focus of the company – staff make decisions according to democratic principles.

What’s more, SCOPING’s employees own 100% of the company’s capital.

Bringing forth new talents

We are quite involved in helping the young by making them welcome in our firm as well as contributing to their training in engineering school.

Improving living standards

As our clients belong in majority to the public sector (or similar), we engage in extensive projects such as high quality schools or energy efficient housing, we build safe living districts, as well as convenient cultural and sports facilities.


Our central focus

The important stakes of the city

Our core business turned to sustainability

We apply the multitude of our technical skills to improving the performances of the different systems and buildings that we design. At each stage of our projects, our aim is to be proactive, and to propose the best effective and sustainable solution at our clients in taking into account the expected budget.

The major issues we are facing on a daily basis are:

  • Improvement of urban quality of life, as well for private than for social housing,
  • Smart and connected city,
  • Flexible buildings,
  • Controlling buildings ecological impacts, operation and maintenance,


Our interactions with stakeholders

We believe it is important to reiterate the need for business ethics and also the need to encourage a new culture of corporate responsibility.

Indeed, since 2014, we are members of the United Nation Global Compact, and engaged to respect the Ten Principles in each of our actions, and to promote its (Human Rights, Labour, Environment, and anti-corruption). The association provides a principle-based framework, best practices, resources and networking events.

We develop long-terms partnerships, as well with our clients that with architects or suppliers. It allows for a real collaborative work based on trusting relationship on one hand, and on the various experiences on the other hand.


Well-being at work

We are conscious that the plenty of issues on every single project, and the high level of requirement, could be very stressful.

We adopt a global approach to well-being at work, in developing a working group on remote work, to reconsider the work efficiency with the needs and wishes of our colleagues.

Cultural diversity and gender equity are our strength.