Everything you need to know about Scops

A different way to build a business

The statute of a Scop has many advantages:

  • Employees hold the majority of the capital stock
  • Principles are democratic – one person = one vote
  • A fund that cannot be broken up ensures the viability of the company and allows solidarity between generations

Founded in 1982, SCOPING is a cooperative Public Limited Company whose employees hold 100% of the capital. A true alternative, only a Scop offers a democratic way to run a business.

A guarantee of success for your projects

Your project is monitored by dedicated and stable teams of professionals.

SCOPING is a one and only team backing a Project Director… from winning the project contest through its implementation and delivery. A stability that enables us to keep track of all the records of your project, and to offer solutions that are sound and reliable because they have been examined and agreed on by several construction experts. Our teams are made in part of working associates, genuine entrepreneurs devoted to your project… because it is a win-win venture.

A regular company with mutual help as a bonus

From governance to organization chart , a SCOP is quite like a regular company. But, in addition, it has the particularity to allow employees to band together in time of crisis.


People helping people !

The Human dimension is essential for SCOPING, because the success of your projects can only be measured by the satisfaction of the users.

Your building or renovation projects are geared to users, so what could be more fitting than a stable team to preserve your interests from conception to operation of the building.