Scoping, expertise in Civil Engineering Project Management since 1982.

Our technical expertise in construction enables us to successfully manage your projects.

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  • Housing

  • Sports Facilities

  • Cultural Facilities

  • Health Care Facilities

  • Educational Facilities

  • Activity Facilities

  • Landscaping and Outdoor Recreational Facilities


Evaluation and feasibility studies

Client Assistance

Project Management

Organization, Supervision and Coordination

SCOPING, expertise from start to finish

Scoping provides complete oversight of your project.

Our organization in 5 major areas of expertise allows us to be competent in the various professional sectors mobilized through each phase of the project.


After assessment, design and optimization of the building structure, SCOPING can also make a study of execution prior to construction. Whether it be a modern or traditional structure made of concrete, wood or steel our specialists are able to adapt and meet your demands.

SCOPING and its partners guarantee the quality of expertise related to our project management – assessment of existing structures, geotechnical studies, feasibility studies of wooden buildings, etc.

MEP and energy

SCOPING imagines the buildings of the future.

Our engineers’ mission is to conceive the building envelope and technical equipments that will best suit users’ needs – i.e. energy efficient buildings, optimized for operation.

Our staff of thermal fluid experts use data modeling and simulation tools to determine different possible technical solutions, potential savings and return on investment.

As seasoned professionals in renewable energies for over ten years, we are able to offer sound advice on the advantages and drawbacks of each technology, so you can choose the most suitable heating, ventilation and cooling systems available.

Even though the management of a building project involves several fields of expertise, for the purpose of simplification, we have combined them here.

SCOPING uses its professional experience to make exploitation of buildings as easy as possible.


Today, clients and end users expect buildings to be energy efficient and user friendly – and in this respect electricity plays an increasingly important role. SCOPING has true expertise in high and low voltage as well as in fire protection.

Electrical phasing and all the necessary procedures…are integrated into our strategy.

Construction Survey

SCOPING provides guidance and coordinates all the construction phases.

Thanks to their experience in building (most have worked for contractors) and the assistance of specific specialists, our staff can rapidly solve all technical problems – like bandleaders they know how to make everyone work together in harmony!

SCOPING provides technical supervision of the building site as well as financial management and makes sure work goes according to schedule, regardless of who does the building – a contracting firm or independent tradesmen; we adapt our interventions to your needs in cooperation with the architect.

What’s more, we can oversee building sites in specific situations -we can intervene at night or in occupied buildings – always with the utmost concern for keeping to schedule and budget.

Project Directors

Beyond designing and developing financial and technical summaries, our project directors keep in close touch with you and manage your project. Like that, SCOPING gives you an overall picture of your project that is both technical and financial. Sensitive to your needs and aware of project requirements, they will offer sound advice to implement your project; they will help you make the best choice while complying with all the relevant regulations. They will offer solutions tailored to best fit our project.


Competence among our Project Directors.

Our Project Managers backed by qualified specialists plan and design the building envelope, interiors, connection to networks – sewage, water, electricity; they also take care of contract and estimation

Fire Safety


Asbestos Removal

SCOPING has expertise and experience in construction assessment, asbestos, and safety.